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journey to the deep Unconscious

Analytical psychology is a form of psychotherapy and depth analysis that was pioneered by the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung. This unique approach is marked by its focus on the symbolic and spiritual experiences that influence human life. Analytical psychology is built on Jung’s groundbreaking theory of archetypes and the collective unconscious, a deep psychic space that is shared by all of humanity. Since its inception, analytical psychology has continued to evolve through ongoing research and incorporation of findings from other related disciplines and schools of thought.

As a result, it is a constantly expanding and evolving field that offers a great deal of promise for therapeutic innovation and in-depth inquiry into the human psyche.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into this fascinating area of study, we highly recommend that you peruse our selection of books on analytical and Jungian psychology – you’re sure to find some that capture your imagination and spark your intellectual curiosity.

Essential techniques

Untwist your Thinking

Eastern Wisdom for Contemporary Living

The international interdisciplinary researchers have a unique approach to studying human values, health, and emotional welfare. They focus on integrating the teachings of Eastern philosophical traditions to provide a comprehensive understanding of mental and physical health issues. As the field of science and scholarship evolves, there is a growing movement of scientists and scholars who are interested in exploring the dialogue and interaction between Eastern philosophies and psychology. This interdisciplinary section is committed to exploring the most contemporary modes of Eastern philosophical, religious, and spiritual thought and practices and their potential to enhance our understanding of current psychological research.

To supplement your learning, the section has curated a collection of the best books about Eastern-inspired philosophy of life, psychology, and practice. These books offer valuable insights into Eastern philosophy and psychology that can be applied to your daily life. Start your journey of self-discovery today by delving into one of these informative books.

The past predicts the future

The fascinating topic of emotion and evolution has long been studied since Charles Darwin’s famous work, “Emotions in Man and Animals”. In this timeless treatise, Darwin observed that certain emotions are expressed across species, particularly among closely related ones, suggesting that these emotions are preserved over time through evolution.

Through modern evolutionary theory, we know that various emotions evolved at different phases in our history, beginning with primal emotions, followed by filial emotions, and later social emotions. To understand the complexities of our emotional responses, evolutionary psychologists look to how these emotions could have best served our ancestors’ lives, especially in nomadic foraging bands.

If you want to develop your social skills and emotional intelligence, we recommend delving into the best books about the evolution of emotions. By exploring this fascinating subject, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of how we’ve evolved to express our emotions, and how they’ve helped us to adapt to the world around us.

Why the first 7 years Matter

The field of developmental psychology offers a vast range of theories and concepts that facilitate our understanding of human growth and learning. By studying these theories, we gain a deep insight into the core motivations of human thought and behaviour. This understanding is essential to gain a higher perspective on the individual and the surrounding society. Besides, the psychological theories of development provide a framework that makes it easier to make sense of this constantly changing world.

When it comes to parenting, it’s often said that there’s no manual, but fortunately, that’s not entirely true. Parenting books, when chosen carefully, can become valuable companions on the parenting journey, helping parents navigate the complexities of parenting with greater ease. A good parenting book, not only helps in understanding the child’s mind but also emphasizes the importance of parent’s self-care and well-being. The parenting books that we’ve compiled in this section are some of the most practical and inspiring works ever written on the subject, offering a wealth of insights and strategies into the joys and difficulties of parenting.

The Science behind knowledge

Psychological theories and researchers devote their time and energy to studying how people learn, develop, and find their motivation. Understanding these processes is of immense importance because it leads to the application of psychological science. When applied effectively, increasing personal, academic, and organisational productivity is guaranteed, and overall success and maximisation of capacities are achievable.

By exploring our wide selection of the latest books about learning and motivation, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of human development and psychology. You’ll even be exposed to methods and strategies that are designed to help you manage your attention, feelings, and desires. Furthermore, they can provide you with the knowledge you need to improve your overall life quality and achieve your goals. So, don’t waste any more time. Explore our selection of books today and get started on your journey towards a more productive and fulfilling life!

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