The Love Attitudes Scale


When you take the exciting step of purchasing our Love Attitudes Scale, you’ll be getting much more than just a simple test! We want to ensure that you are fully set up for success in your journey of self-discovery. As soon as you complete the Love Attitudes Scale, you’ll receive access to your complete results. But that’s not all!

You’ll also get an individualized report that showcases your specific love styles for

✔️ Eros

✔️ Ludus

✔️ Storge

✔️ Pragma

✔️ Mania and

✔️ Agape.

This personalized report will give you valuable insight into your own preferences and behaviours when it comes to love. Plus, we’re including book recommendations tailored specifically to your love style so that you can continue your learning and growth long after taking the test. So don’t hesitate – take the Love Attitudes Scale today and unlock a new level of understanding about yourself and your relationships!


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